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The Individual Honors Awards are ASAE’s highest individual honors. Successful candidates are change-makers in their organization, profession, and the association industry. They are engaged members of ASAE, who are leaders within the organization and share their knowledge through giving back. Award-winning applications will convey the significance and impact of one’s involvement in ASAE activities as well as other volunteer professional organizations related to association management or the industry. Potential honorees are committed to diversity and inclusion in the association community and exemplify this in their work.

All Applicants

  • Applicants must be a member of ASAE for at least 5 or more years
  • Current Officers of the ASAE Board are ineligible. Previous board members must be 2 years removed from service to apply.

Key Award

  • Applicants must be employed full-time as a chief staff executive
  • Must have at least 5 years' experience as an Association chief executive 

Professional Performance Award

  • Applicants must be employed full-time as a staff executive
  • Must have at least 5 years' experience as an Association Professional

Academy of Leaders Award

  • Applicants must be employed full time as an Industry Partner
  • Must have at least 5 years' experience with Associations

New Resources:

Webinar: Behind the Curtain of ASAE Individual Honors: What You Need to Know Before You Apply

Judging Criteria: View the judging criteria to help improve your application.

The awards are intended to recognize ASAE members who are exemplary in their contributions. Successful candidates will be accomplished professionals selected based on their demonstrated ability to contribute in the areas listed below. Ideally, the selected winners should be well respected in all five areas; minimally, there should be not by any notable concerns in any of these five areas. 

  1. Overall
  2. To ASAE
  3. To the Association Management and Industry profession
  4. To other profession(s) and/or industry (ies) served
  5. To promoting diversity


* Please familiarize yourself with the criteria and requirements to ensure that your entry is complete and that you meet the standards of desired candidates. Judges must be able to evaluate your contribution to ASAE, the association industry and other professional organizations.

* Ineligible applicants, as well as incomplete applications or improperly completed entries will not be submitted to the Awards and Recognition Selection Committee for judging.